Medieval Mondays: The Dark Side of Jousting

La Joie de Vivre

It’s football season…everyone is freaking out over their favorite teams, celebrating their victories and mourning their losses. In the spirit of athletics, I chose to write this week’s Medieval Monday about another type of athletic competition: Jousting.


Jousts are synonymous with The Medieval Period. Most people, if they know nothing else about knights, chivalry, or the Middle Ages, have heard of jousting. Held as a test of both athletic prowess and personal honor, jousts were where two knights would charge at each other and use lances or other weaponry to try and unhorse their opponent.

Most people have a kind of a romantic image of jousting. We think of noble, handsome knights dedicating their jousts to beautiful ladies and acting with honor towards all. However, it was not always this way, and history tells quite a different story than the one presented to us in films or books…

In the…

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