Medieval inspiration

I had such dificulties deciding on what style of medieval dress I would make for the feast in november. Serching the internet I came up with two different choises.

1. The simple, yet elegant 14th century kirtle and cotehartie.

This style semed like the most usefull as it could be used during both medieval markets and events. It would be pretty easy to make and the style is what most re-enactments wear.

Altough usefull, it did not seem like such a rich and luxurius garnment for a grand feast.

Lets have a look:



Untitled-01 (1)


images (2)





images (1)


tumblr_mevzsgDkIF1qfg4oyo7_1280Some of the more luxurius headresses worn to this type of dress.

My other option was…

2. The 15th century gown, with its high waist and big collar.

I’ve have always loved this style of dress, and long wanted to make one, even tough the high waist seam often look better on petit women.

This dress is…

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